Episode 26 - Bad Wrestling

a year ago

Today we're celebrating one year of Turnbuckle Training by looking at some of the worst wrestling matches to ever take place. Bad matches, bad stories, bad gimmicks and bad outcomes - we've got it all!

  • Hollywood Hogan vs. The Warrior - Halloween Havoc 1998
  • Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man - Unforgiven 1999
  • David Arquette and DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff - Thunder 4/26/2000
  • Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels - Summerslam 2005
  • Batista vs. The Great Khali - No Mercy 2007
  • Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon - WrestleMania XXVI
  • Goldberg vs. The Undertaker - Super Showdown 2019

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